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Dr. Nick Belden, DC

Functional Medicine Practitioner 

Dr. Nick is a board-certified chiropractic physician who has a deep passion for understanding the innermost workings of the human body. His mission is to educate, empower, and optimize the quality of life of every individual he encounters using the tools of functional medicine. He is fascinated by discovering the root causes of disease and dysfunction in order to better support the human body and has been able to experience the power of lifestyle optimization through his own health journey.

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Dr. Nick Belden
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Dr. Nick graduated from Logan University College of Chiropractic where he completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic and was the recipient of the Logan University Founders Scholarship. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Nick has spent countless hours reading, watching, and learning, all things related to natural health and digestive function. 


For several years, Dr. Nick has been working with and learning from physicians across the country to care for patients both face-to-face and virtually. His clinical experience fuels his passion in the field of natural health and inspires him to continue accepting opportunities to lecture to other healthcare physicians, blog, and create video content surrounding natural health topics.


Dr. Nick’s journey to finding natural health started in his teen years where he first found fitness as a way to improve his lacrosse and basketball performance. This was a great stepping stone for him as it led him to work toward optimizing his nutrition, sleep routine, and stress management tactics.

Dr. Nick is a Williamsburg, Virginia native and studied Finance and Economics at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. His degree led him to a career in corporate finance where Dr. Nick found himself constantly talking to his co-workers and friends about diet, exercise, sleep, and gut health. He spent nearly 2 years in the corporate world before understanding his true passion to become a natural health practitioner.


Today you can find Dr. Nick at The HIVE with practice members, spending time with his better half both professionally and personally, at your local CrossFit Box, sampling all the cold brewed coffee local coffee shops have to offer, or most likely listening to any podcast about Elon Musk. 


Dr. Nick’s current service offerings include the following:


  • Nutritional Consultation

  • Lab Work Interpretation 

  • Digestive Evaluation 

  • Targeted Supplementation 

  • Lifestyle Optimization

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