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Dr. Nick and Dr. Hailey

Our Story

Dr. Hailey and Dr. Nick met in 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri where they were both attending Logan University College of Chiropractic. They bonded over the way their philosophies aligned, yet manifested much differently with Dr. Hailey focusing on the manual side of chiropractic and Dr. Nick taking the lifestyle and nutritional approach.

Over the years they developed the idea of a health and wellness center that focuses on creating a community of individuals committed to their overall health and well-being. In Fall of 2021 their dream became a reality and The HIVE Natural Health Center was born.

What We Stand For

The HIVE is more than just a name, it's our mission. HIVE is an acronym that stands for Holistic, Integrative, Vitalistic, and Empowering and it fully encompasses the exact healthcare experience we deliver each and every day!


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and you are so much more than a collection of organs and bones. Our practitioners perform extensive examinations to truly understand you and your body, provide in-depth reports of examination findings to help you realize your healthcare options, and create effective care plans and recommendations to help direct your health outcomes and meet your goals. 


The HIVE is a collective of professionals with different areas of focus (including chiropractic, acupuncture, and nutrition) that come together to provide practice members with services that best suit their healthcare wants and needs. This integrative experience proves efficient and effective in serving our members on the highest level.


Your body has an intelligence of its own and the power within to heal itself. There’s always a reason behind why the body adapts and responds the way it does, even if it seems counterintuitive or inconvenient to us at the time. Our vitalistic practices promote the natural function and adaptation of your body in order to support, rather than attempt to override, your body’s intelligence.


You are in control of your own destiny and you have a choice when it comes to your healthcare. We understand that each practice member has individual goals and ambitions, especially when your quality of life is on the line. At The HIVE we discuss, help develop, and work with you to achieve your healthcare goals, no matter how seemingly big or small they may be.

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What makes The HIVE different?

Model of Healthcare:
Linear, Deductive, Traditional, Standard
Model of Healthcare
Holistic, Integrative, Vitalistic, Empowering
At The HIVE we want you to know that you have options when it comes to the way you take care of yourself and your family.

Our core pillars of Holistic, Integrative, Vitalistic, and Empowering health guide our every decision and go beyond the care received as part of our practice. If you're ready to step out of the traditional model and into The HIVE model you're in the right place.
The HIVE Natural Health Center
• Holistic • Integrative • Vitalistic • Empowering •
Family Chiropractic | Functional Medicine | Prenatal Chiropractic | Pediatric Chiropractic
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